Hey guys, today we are going to discuss the best glass top vanity tables with mirror for our sweet room. Whenever we think about vanity sets, we think of a giant table made of wood. Even though wooden tables are the first thing that pops up in our mind, they might not be the most compact in terms of size. Do you know what kind of vanity desk are compact in size? Glass top vanity.

Glass top makeup vanity tables are sleek, stylish, and very functional in terms of usage. Now if you want to buy a glass vanity desk, it might not be very easy to find the perfect one for you as the market is filled with lots of products. That’s why we have come up with a list of the top ten glass top vanity sets.

Best Glass Top Vanity Tables with Mirror for You

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Top 10 Best Glass Top Vanity Tables for You

#1 Metal Sunburst Vanity Make-Up Table with Mirror

If you are looking for a glass top vanity table that also comes with a glass shelf under it, then this is the table you are looking for. This table is so compact in size that it hardly occupies any space in your room. You can even keep this table at one corner of your room without facing any problem.

Why we picked this:

The first thing you will notice about this vanity set is the adjustable mirror as well as the zebra faux fur bench that comes with it. It can be moved and tilted, and you can position it according to the angle that seems suitable for you.

The stool that comes with this table is covered with zebra faux fur and it is green and white in color. The stool is created to ensure your maximum comfort.


Pros & Cons:
  • Green/White Zebra Faux Fur Bench
  • Black Metal Finish
  • Sunburst Style

#2 Furniture of America Ian Contemporary 3-Piece Bedroom Vanity Set

Glamorous yet functional, this vanity desk is destined to be the center of attention. This beautiful vanity will grab the spotlight when guests come to visit your house. And working from home will be more stylish when you have this desk in your house. 

Why we picked this:

There is a convenient adjustable mirror on the top of the table. The spacious tabletop gives you plenty of room to spread out your hairdryer, cosmetics, makeup products, beauty essentials, and jewelry. The lustrous geometric supports and champagne color act as the finishing touch to its elegant appearance. This table also offers you a chic hic faux fur cushioned stool which is incredibly soft and comfortable for your makeup routine.


Pros & Cons:
  • Champagne finish
  • Materials: metal, glass, fabric
  • Contemporary style
  • Convenient adjustable mirror
  • Spacious 8mm tempered glass top


#3 Black Metal Bedroom Vanity with Glass Table

This attractive Sunburst vanity with mirror set comes with a couple of cool features such as vanity, adjustable mirror, two glass shelves, and a comfy bench. This popular design is accented with sun-like bobbles on the top which will remind you of the rising sun. This is suitable for home decor.

Why we picked this:

This table will give you the opportunity to experience doing makeup in front of a tilted mirror. This mirror can be tilted in a range of angles to give you the chance to discover the perfect angle according to your room’s light. The glass and black metal accentuate each other with their contemporary design.

There’s also a glass shelf to keep your makeup accessories.

Pros & Cons:
  • Black Finish
  • Comfortable Bench
  • Adjustable Tilt Mirror
  • Sunburst Design


#4 Coaster Home Furnishings Vanity with Mirror Set

This is another attractive glass top vanity with mirror table in our list that gets the job done with its multiple functionalities. This table will not only help you get ready for a fancy dinner party or a casual hangout but also it will make your life much easier with its diverse usage.

Why we picked this:

This vanity set is created with a sunburst design in mind, reminding you to start your day with a fresh mind like a quiet morning. It is decorated with a black metal finish that is destined to catch your eye. There is also a spacious tabletop where you can keep all of your everyday beauty products in a neat way. It also offers you a cushioned stool.

Pros & Cons:
  • Sunburst Design
  • Black Metal Finish
  • Cushioned stool
  • Spacious Tabletop


#5 VASAGLE Vanity Table Set, Writing Desk, Makeup Table with Stool, 3 Drawers, Tri-Fold Mirror, Metal Frame, Industrial, Rustic Brown and Black

This modern trifold glass top wide vanity table is a multifunctional table made of a metal frame. The table is also decorated with bronze spray painting and curved crown and leafy motif retro design which gives the table a fresh aesthetic.


Why we picked this:

The steel frame has a strong bearing capacity and created with long-lasting durability. The table comes with a double-layer storage space design that provides more space for your accessories and makeup products. It also offers you a mirror with a rotating frame that can meet the requirements of different heights and angles in different scenes.

Pros & Cons:
  • Trifold Mirror
  • Curved crown and leafy motif
  • anti-skid foot pads
  • 3 storage drawer design
  • dressing stool with sponge cushion


#6 Benjara Contemporary Vanity with Open Shelf and Glass Top

You can Dress up quickly and efficiently on this lavish and sophisticated vanity. Because of its simplistic design, it is very useful in saving space in your room. But at the same time, it gives you plenty of room for your beauty products.

Why we picked this:

The table comes with a metal frame in silver finish supporting an 8 mm tempered glass top and a glass shelf. The mirror is a tilting mirror which means it is adjustable according to your need. And a comfortable padded seat takes care of your comfort by offering you a comfy place to do your makeup and hair.


Pros & Cons:
  • Metal frame in silver finish
  • tilting mirror
  • Glass shelf and glass top
  • 8mm tempered clear glass


#7 Benjara Vanity Set with Crossbar Support


You can instantly update the decor of your home with the inclusion of this vanity set. This vanity desk comes with a smoked glass top, giving it a stylish smoky look. Crafted with a combination of metal in a black finish, it will surely withstand all kinds of calamities for a long.

Why we picked this:

Treat yourself with this gorgeous vanity as it will be a great addition to your bedroom for aesthetics and functionality. This vanity offers you a spacious tabletop made of glass that will act as the ideal solution to all your makeup storage problems. It also comes with a foam-cushioned stool, making this pair a match made in heaven.

Pros & Cons:
    • smoked glass top
    • Foam cushioned upholstered stool.
    • Made up of Metal and Glass.


#8 2-piece Vanity Set Tan and Bronze


Created with an elegant design, this trendy vanity desk with a glass top will take your breath away with its style. This two-piece vanity set is exquisitely crafted with glimmering supports, giving it a polished finish look. With an intricate, curved silhouette, this vanity will be the perfect piece of furniture in your bedroom.

Why we picked this:

This vanity desk not only acts as a functional storage cosmetics organizer but also can be used as the perfect makeup station. It comes with two levels of glass shelves, providing you plenty of surface space for your collection of cosmetics. It also offers you a stool with a cozy, padded cushion for added comfort when you do your makeup.


Pros & Cons:
    • Materials: fabric, glass, and metal
    • Fabric: Tan
    • Finish: Bronze and clear
    • Assembly Required: Yes
    • adjustable mirror
    • two clear tempered glass shelves
    • Chair with a padded cushion upholstered



#9 TiTa-Dong Black Iron Vanity Mirrored Table Set

If you include this transitional style vanity set in your room, then you can easily enhance the aesthetics of your bedroom. Crafted with a mix of steel, glass, and particle board, this table is sure to offer you durability. In addition to these features, it also comes with a subtle Black finish.

Why we picked this:

Some of the most lucrative features of this vanity are a glass top, a rotating mirror, and an open shelve. With this glass top, you will never run out of storage space for all your favorite items such as jewelry, cosmetics, hairbrush, hairdryer and other beauty products. This table also comes with a stool that features a white fabric upholstered foam padded seat.

Pros & Cons:
    • Rotating mirror
    • open shelve
    • Made from Steel, Glass, Particle Board, foam, and fabric
    • Padded stool


#10 Gisellette Vanity with Stool

This is another beautiful glass table that will be perfect for your home. Whether you are getting ready for a party or dressing up for a small cozy event, this table will accompany you in any of your makeup adventures.


Why we picked this:

This vanity comes with a tilting mirror, giving you the chance of a full view of yourself so that you can make sure you look great from every angle. This table also comes with a large tabletop which gives you plenty of room to spread out your makeup as you take a look in the mirror. Decorated with a gold finish, this vanity and stool set will brighten up the mood of your room swiftly.

Pros & Cons:
    • Crafted from glass and metal
    • Tilting mirror
    • 30 days limited replacement parts
    • Complete assembly required
    • Soft Cushioned Vanity Stool


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This is our list of top ten glass top vanity with mirrors. We considered the style, functionality, and price and tried to accommodate as much variety as possible for your ease. We hope that this list will provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision in finding the best glass top vanity desk for you.