Black Women with Blue Hair 

Blue-black hair is one of the unique and quirkiest hairstyles among hair colours! This hair colour has become a huge trend in recent times. There are multiple shades of this colour that women love to sport and try. And indeed, they have fun and confidence when they do what they love.

Here I am mentioning 20 of the most stunning blue hair colour types for black woman. Of course, there are millions more. But these are the most popular and stunning ones to try. Make sure to look carefully at the shade you are trying to use. Because, shades vary from the pictures you see online. Don’t regret later.

  1. Midnight Blue and Black
  2. Blue Black Hair
  3. Light Blue – Black Hair
  4. Deep Blue – Black Hair
  5. Light Blue Hair with Purple
  6. Mixed Blue Black Hair
  7. Metallic Blue and Black
  8. Two Shades of Blue
  9. Dark Icy Blue Hair
  10. Light Purple and Blue Hair
  11. Waves of Blue Black Hair
  12. Purple Blue Black Hair
  13. Blue Silver Black
  14. Frosted Black Blue Hair
  15. Tealish Blue Black Hair
  16. Blue Undertones
  17. Raven Hair
  18. Teal and Light Blue Hair
  19. Pink Purple Blue Black Hair
  20. Denim Blue Black Hair

That is a hell of a long list. And I know you got tired while reading it, and got super confused. You might be thinking ” Come on. I wanted a perfect blue hair colour suggestion. Not too many options to choose from. It is making me really confused.” Well girl I am here to save you from all the stress. Why don’t I describe each of the colour’s personality thoroughly, and you just notice carefully which description matches your personality?

Midnight Blue and Black –

You love star gazing? Want to try it with your significant other? Setting up a romantic candlelight dinner under the stars on the roof sounds so precious. And just imagine you wearing a beautiful black silk backless dress, and you have this shade of hair colour. I cannot imagine it. Because, Oh my God! you look jaw-dropping. This hair colour creates a mysterious and elegant look.


Blue Black Hair –

This hair colour shade resembles almost to black hair colour. It gives that shining, shimmering, and glossy shampoo ad look. This colour is very appropriate for casual lifestyles on a daily basis.


Light Blue Black Hair –

Creates kind of a punk look. If you are a lead guitarist in a hyped band, or you sing jazz in a bar with neon lights, this hair colour is your soulmate.


Deep Blue Black Hair –

I can see you wearing a Donatella Versace outfit and carrying your chihuahua in your mini Louis Vuitton, stepping out from your Mercedes, and walking into one of the poshest resort parties with that classy hair colour. Wow, girl Wow.


Light Blue Hair with Purple –

If you are a hippie, and have a carefree spirit, then this colour is your crime partner.


Mixed Blue Black Hair –

This surely looks super cool. If you have an outgoing personality, then go for this.


Metallic Blue and Black –  

This gives a shiny silver and blackish look. Looks very stunning.


Two Shades of Blue –  

If you cannot choose one shade, then mix two of your desired choice, and create a more fun look.


Dark Icy Blue

Looks like an almost faded shade of black. Might not be my first choice but still, it would look good at formal events.


Light Purple and Blue Hair – 

Will look like a blueberry tree in your head. The silky, glossy, and shiny hair colour will make you feel you.


Waves of Blue Black Hair –

This will look great during day times. The whole colour seems like a shade of light navy blue and black. Might not get much attention during night time, but will make a statement during the daytime.


Purple Blue Black Hair –

A great hair colour suitable for all skin types.


Blue Silver Black – 

Blue shade silver black Quite similar to the metallic shade. But, more appropriate for black woman in a formal events 


Frosted Blue Black Hair –

Creates a very aesthetic kind of look. Shades of silver, blue, and black makes the whole hair look unique.


Tealish Blue Black Hair –

Seems more of a green shade than blue mixed with black. Will look amazing on fair skin tones.


Blue Undertones –

You loved watching fairy tales when you were a kid? and you used to love unicorns? but you also have a gothic side in you which stops you from colouring your hair into pink, purple, or all those girly and sparkly hair colours? then why don’t you just colour your black hair with blue colors undertones, and be a gothic unicorn?


Raven Hair Colour –

This can also be called jet black hair. I have seen a British series once where they have this amazing black horse called Raven. And have read a book where there is a mysterious girl with knee length black hair called Raven. After experiencing these two things, I have found myself drawn into the name Raven so much. If you have long hair, go have this look.


Teal and Light Blue Hair –

A very vibrant and lovely hair colour it is.


Pink Purple Black Blue Hair –

This is a very feminine hair colour look with sexiness in it. If you want to play with different hair colours and feel like your hair is the canvas, then this colour is just for you.


Denim Blue Black Curly Hair – 

A great hair colour for a formal event.

Above I have described each of the colour’s personalities. If you are a fan of blue hair colour, then I am sure you will find your desired one from the above list. Go through the list, and notice carefully which of these matches with your personality. Make sure to match the colours with your stylist before dying your hair. Shades posted online vary a lot from reality.

Q/A Sessions –

  • How to get blue black hair?

For getting your desired blue black hair, there are some steps that you need to follow.

Step 1 is to bleach your hair. Bleaching your hair also requires some rules and regulations. If you want to keep your hair healthy, make sure to follow those carefully. While bleaching your hair, it is important to notice whether you have dark hair or light hair. In light hair, bleaching works instantly. But in dark hair, bleaching does not work instantly. For doing that, you need to bring your dark shade into lighter. Your must have materials for this whole process : foils which will prevent the mixture of natural hair and coloured hair. A colour remover for removing colour pigments, deep cleansing shampoo and deep cleansing conditioner to clean, moisturize, and nourish your hair. 

Step 2: is dying your hair. Before dying your hair, there are some things that you need to maintain. Such as, wear old clothes for stain prevention and use petroleum jelly on the skin to protect it from the chemical.

  • How to maintain Blue Black Hair?

Do not wash your hair regularly. It will make the colour fade soon. A maximum of two times a week of washing is recommended. Use specialized shampoos for coloured hair. Use cold water while applying conditioner to your hair. Use dry shampoo if you have to wash your hair more than twice a week. Do not go for heat styling. For the colour to stay longer, keep dying it after a particular time.