Choosing a vanity table for your home can be an overwhelming experience. With so many shapes, sizes, materials and styles available it can seem impossible to choose the right one that will fit in with your style, décor and budget. But fear not! Here are some tips to help you find the perfect vanity table for you.

Measure Your Space: We recommend measuring the area where you plan on placing your vanity and writing down all of the dimensions on paper or putting them into a digital note taking app like Evernote. This will help you visualize what size pieces of furniture will fit in that space. Be sure to allow enough room on all sides of your new vanity so you can open drawers, stand up when you’re done and store supplies like hairbrushes and hair products behind the counter if needed.

Choose Your Function: Do you only need storage space? Is creating a glamorous get ready space more important? Depending on how much “glam” or storage space your vanity needs, as well as how often it will be used (all day versus once in a while) dictates what type of table should be chosen. Choose between materials such as wood or glass to best suit your needs.

Find the Right Style & Finish: The next step is finding the right style that fits within your décor theme. Begin by shopping around online, visiting furniture stores and showing room displays whenever possible – never miss an opportunity to test out seating comfort levels firsthand if purchasing a stool or chair for use as part of your setup! Draw inspiration from vintage items and modern designs alike to create a unique look for yourself. You can also search Pinterest for ideas on how to combo different pieces together into one cohesive look! Finally, choose a finish that matches with other pieces already present in your home; think bronze handles around doors or gold accents against dark wood tones—they all add up to make your finished product shine!

Avoid Clutter: If possible avoid filling up small vanities with too many items that get in the way creating clutter – this doesn’t only make it harder to clean but insecurity when creating an overall aesthetic design either by putting away after every use or creating a desk organizer system that allows visibility yet still looks nice aesthetically speaking.

By following these tips above you should have no problem picking out he perfect vanity table for any room in no time at all!