Images of Senegalese Twists: We women consider our hair as one of the most precious assets. We try our level best to nurture, care, and do whatever it takes to make our hair look outshining. But, do we really give our 100%? I mean how many hairstyles can you do?

Of course, doing the perfect bun, messy hair or whatever is in trend are not pieces of cakes. So, we just leave them open? Or go for mainstream styles?

A girl got to have thousands of styles in her mind and head. And, if everything feels too much, then one thing can surely save your day. That is of course, the famous Senegalese Twist.

Senegalese Twist

What exactly is a Senegalese Twist? How much do you know about it? It is a very bad reputation for us girls if we do not know about this super famous hairstyle.

The Senegalese Twist is a very demanding and popular hairstyle that originated from Senegal, Africa. If you ever visit Africa, or just search the internet writing ‘Senegalese Women’, you will see many women with this famous hairstyle.

If Senegalese Twist sounds too big for you to pronounce then you call it a rope twist or a crochet twist.

Why Senegalese Twist is helpful?

The Senegalese Twist is not only a fashionable hairstyle but also a very protective hairstyle. All the damages that your hair goes through by colouring, climate changes, styles that you do to hair by applying heat, are protected by Senegalese Twist.

US women stay totally confused when it comes to styling. We want to style our hair by cutting into different styles, but also cry with ice creams late at night because our hairs do not grow back. For those girls who are desperate for their hair to grow back, good news is here for you. Try the Senegalese Twist. It helps to grow your hair long in a healthy state.

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Senegalese Twist: Things you should have for doing it

For doing the perfect Senegalese Twist, there are some things that you need to own. Without these, Senegalese Twist is not possible. For example,

  1. Edge Control Cream – The first thing you need for a Senegalese Twist is an edge control cream. Why? Because this thing will help to smooth down your edges. How to do it? You need to apply the cream on your scalp and the edge of your back and natural hair properly.
  2. Hair Oil/ Growth Moisturizer – For making your hair smooth, apply it in an appropriate amount (not too much, not too less).
  3. 3-5 packs of hair extensions – Hair extensions will make your hair thick. If you want your Senegalese Twist to be very thick, then I suggest buying a big pack of hair extensions.
  4. Comb
  5. Hair Elastic and Clip bands
  6. You need hot water and a towel for the whole process.
  7. A small brush.

Senegalese Twist: The Process

After gathering all the things you require for a Senegalese Twist, now, let’s focus on the process of doing it.

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First Step – Hair Extensions

Your extensions need to be properly washed and dried before applying. Wash them with apple cider vinegar and hot water and let them dry in the air.

Second Step –

Wash your hair properly before doing Senegalese Twist.

Third Step –

Tie up your hair in a bun to make the process more organized.

Fourth Step –

Split your hair in two different parts, and apply the edge control cream in the middle of your scalp.

Fifth Step –

Split your hair into four different sections. Two natural, and two synthetics. Join one natural with one synthetic. Do this for both the naturals, and both the synthetics.

Sixth Step –

Twist the sections into the same directions.

Seventh Step –

After you have twisted fully, take the ends of your hair and dip them in hot water. Dry it with a towel but be careful not to wipe too roughly because it might damage the twist and all your hard work.

 Eighth Step –

With a small brush, smooth all your hair.

 Now I guess more or less you know what is Senegalese Twist. Let’s get you know some of the best hairstyles for Senegalese Twists till date.

Images of Senegalese Twists

1. Thin Senegalese Twist Crochet Hair

hin Senegalese Twist Crochet Hair

2. Jumbo Crochet Senegalese Twists

large crochet senegalese twists


3. Senegalese Lob

Senegalese Lob

Senegalese Lob


4. Long Senegalese Twist Black Hair


senegalese twist black girl long hair

5. Bun Senegalese Crochet Twist

crochet senegalese twist bun senegalese twists bun senegalese crochet twist

crochet senegalese twist bun


6. Half Up Senegalese Twists

half up half down senegalese twists


7. Half Top Knot Senegalese Twists



8. Senegalese Twist with hair left loose

enegalese Twist with hair left loose

enegalese Twist with hair left loose


9. Two Buns Up Senegalese Twists


Two Buns Up Senegalese Twists

Two Buns Up Senegalese Twists

10 Senegalese Braid Twists 

images of senegalese twists

images of senegalese twists

Above I have mentioned 10 of the best hairstyles that goes amazingly with Senegalese twists. But, if you are thinking that this is it, then darling you are wrong, African fashion is the coolest fashion trend ever. I really wish I had long hair like them, and try out all these Senegalese hyped fashion twists.

There are thousands of Senegalese hair styles for Senegalese Twists. You can of course, research more, and try them out. But, if you find this article helpful, then go through the Senegalese hair styles carefully, examine which one you like, and goes well with your hairstyle and face, choose your favourite, and do not waste any time, and try it out.

Post pictures on social media, #senegalesequeen, I bet you are going to get a lot of attention. Girls will totally love this style of yours, and consider you as an icon. Guys will have an instant crush. Isn’t it amazing how style and fashion can bring out the best in you?

  1. Beads
  2. Beads and Threads
  3. Shells
  4. Clip on Beads
  5. Scarves
  6. Hair Rings
  7. Hair Ties
  8. Pattern Senegalese Twist
  9. Coloured Hair Extensions and Tassels
  10. Black and White

This was an article worth of your precious time. There are many trends that come and go. But real styles stay. Senegalese Twists have been the pride of African women till centuries. And maybe, our next generation will love this beautiful and popular hairstyle that is stealing the hearts of millions.

Q/A Sessions – Question of the Year

How to maintain Senegalese hairstyle?

Maintaining Senegalese hairstyle requires some steps. You need to follow these properly if you want your Senegalese hairstyle to look perfect, remain healthy, and catch a lot of attention. So, what you have to do is, you have to wash your hair with shampoo at least four days a week.

You might have noticed that African women do not wash their hair regularly. They do this because regular usage of water damages the twists. You should apply an appropriate amount of edge control cream and moisturizer in the middle of your scalp till the back end of your natural hair.

Too much appliance of edge control cream and moisturizer is restricted because it damages the hair. After the Senegalese Twist is complete, be careful not to tie your hair too tight. Tying your hair too tight will create pressure and extra tension on your hair.

This tension will cause you spinal cord and back neck pain. This is very harmful. Also, too much tightness in the hair tie causes hair fall rapidly. 

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