Little Girls Vanity Table: As the parent of a young little girl, you must be fascinated about making your girl look pretty in front of friends and family. The first step to that process is buying a little girl’s vanity table which will be perfect for her.

A young girl has a very impressionable mind and anything she uses will put a deep impact on her psychology. That’s why it is very important to choose the perfect little girl’s vanity table which will be most suitable for your precious child. 

Best Vanity Table for Little Girls

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As the market is filled with a lot of choices and options, it might be very difficult for you to find the best one for your little girl. That’s why we have put up a list of the top 10 vanity tables that will be perfect for your little girl. 

Top #10 Little Girls Vanity Table 2021

#1 Teamson Kids Pretend Play Kids Tri Fold Mirror Dressing Table

If you want your children to imagine and pretend that they are the bell of the ball at their very own vanity, then this table is perfect for you! This vanity set includes a vanity table and a stool which will be a perfect fit for your girl’s room.

Why we picked this:

This vanity table comes with a three-way mirror that offers you a panoramic view of your outfit, face and hair. This mirror shows you all sides of yourself and be sure you have the perfect look in the ball. 

Another great feature is a pull-out center drawer with a knob for keeping special treasures that are located right below the countertop of vanity. This vanity drawer is designed with detailed bold prints.

It is very spacious and makes sure to provide enough room for your girl’s essential items like brush, hair bands, comb, etc. This table comes in a variety of different patterns and designs so that you can easily choose the most exotic one for your taste.

Pros & Cons: 
  • Three-Way Mirror
  • Classic and Matching Design
  • Imaginative Play
  • Only one Storage Drawer


#2 Wildkin Kids Princess Wooden Chair Vanity Set

Wildkin’s Princess Chair Vanity Set is a primary example of the ideal vanity table for the precious little princess in your kingdom. This vanity table is full of special touches that will melt your little princess’s heart. This vanity can be the best gift to your princess birthday.

Why we picked this:

Wildkin’s Princess Vanity Table & Chair Set combines bold, colorful designs with practical features for a play room accessory that’s both fun and functional. There is a removable seat cushion and heart-shaped back cushion in every chair which is created decorated in rich, royal purple with gold tassel accents.

The rear of the vanity contains a special message – “Always a Princess” – which will create a royal feeling in the mind of your little one. Your little one will love gazing into the heart-shaped mirror and stashing trinkets inside the heart-topped jewelry boxes.
The fun doesn’t just end there!

If you lift the top of one of the two jewelry boxes, it will expose a secret music box that plays “Pomp and Circumstance” once opened. 

Pros & Cons: 
  • Built to last
  • Royal & Majestic Design
  • Secret Music Box
  • Removable Seat Cushion
  • Two Jewelry Box
  • Cushioned Stool

#3  2-in-1 Musical Piano Vanity Dressing Table

This is a two-in-one musical piano pink vanity set which means it works both as a vanity table as well as a piano set. If your girl loves being able to pretend like a Disney princess as well as the next big music sensation, then this is exactly for you! 

Why we picked this:

This table comes with 16 pretend fashion and make-up accessories along with a functional 18 key piano keyboard, and flashing lights.The piano is installed with two modes which are – Music mode and Key mode.

On the other hand, the Fashion set includes: 2 pearl bracelets, 1 pearl necklace, earrings, 4 rings, 2 perfume containers, 1 lipstick, 1 lip gloss, 1 comb, 2 hair clips and a working hair dryer.

Pros & Cons: 
  • Amazon’s Choice***
  • functional 18 key piano keyboard
  • 16 pretend fashion and make-up accessories
  • Made of high quality plastics
  • Recommended for ages 3 – 5
  • Requires a total of 7 AA batteries
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#4 Disney Frozen 2 Elsa’s Enchanted Ice Kids Vanity Set

If your girl is a big fan of the Disney film Frozen & loves to explore the secret world of Arendelle in her imagination, then this Walt Disney vanity table will be the best choice in a reasonable price. There are so many good reviews and star ratings on amazon

Why we picked this:

Disney Frozen 2 Elsa’s Enchanted Ice Vanity table is inspired by Elsa’s ice powers from Frozen 2 & Includes iconic story moments from Frozen 2. It is designed with the theme of Frozen 2 to help your girl embark upon new adventures every day from her vanity table. If you open the vanity doors, you can see Arendelle’s castle light up in a way never seen before! 

Pros & Cons: 
  • Lots of hairpieces to style your hair
  • Includes a drawer for storing treasures
  • Made of high-quality plastics
  • Vanity Doors for dust protection
  • Lights and Iconic Story Moments
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#5 Milliard Kids Vanity Makeup Table and Chair Set

Kids love to copy mommy. This table is a miniature version of the tables grown-ups use to keep your little girl from rummaging through mom’s makeup drawer.

Why we picked this:

Children love it when they are taken seriously by the grown-ups. That’s why they will appreciate being able to slide up to this equally tiny wooden desk and chair and enjoy having genuine furniture that looks and feels like the real thing – in pink.

Super sturdy construction, shatter-resistant mirror and rounded corners are some huge plus points for your child’s safety. The solid craftsmanship and simple assembly this table offers will last longer than your children’s childhood.

Pros & Cons: 
  • Super sturdy construction 
  • Shatter-resistant mirror and rounded corners
  • Convenient storage drawer just below the counter. 
  • Miniature size
  • Made with high quality materials and upgraded packaging. 
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#6 Fantasy Fields – Magic Garden Play Vanity Table

Magic Garden Vanity Set lets your little girl explore her imaginative kingdom with plenty of colorful patterns.Hand-carved seat offers a comfortable place to sit while staring into a beautiful antique-looking mirror. The flower and frog design on the vanity table gives out a playful vibe that turns any mundane chores into a fun activity.

Why we picked this:

This vanity table & stool set is carved by delicate hands and ornamented with pink and purple garden components as well as wildlife creatures. It has a beautiful, eye-catching design.

It includes a real mirror to encourage your child to be imaginative and playful. There is also a drawer in the table which can be used to store their precious things such as hair clips, hair bands, bracelets, etc.

It is painted using non-toxic paint and contains rounded edges to prevent kids from getting hurt. Unlike other tables that use MDF, these table legs and stool legs are created from solid wood and they can withstand up to 100lbs.

Pros & Cons: 
  • Real mirror & storage space
  • Versatile design
  • Child safety implementation
  • Durable wooden construction
  • Easy to assemble & clean
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#7 Teamson Kids Little Princess Rapunzel Kids Vanity Set

This is another great choice for your little girl if you want her imagination to run wild while brushing her hair in front of a beautiful vanity table. Its design is very simple at first glance yet you can see the classy attire when you look closely. 

Why we picked this:

This vanity table features an oval mirror made of unbreakable Plexiglas for better reflection. It includes a vanity table and a stool. It also comes with rounded corners and scalloped legs on both tables and stools.

It contains three drawers in total – two small drawers on two sides and one pull-out center drawer with a knob providing a spacious storage area.

Pros & Cons: 
  • Simple and classy design
  • Three spacious drawers
  • Oval mirror
  • Rounded corner and scalloped legs


#8 Kiddie Play Pretend Play Kids Vanity Table

 This vibrant vanity table is more suitable for the toddlers as it is built specifically for them. It contains a variety of jewelry items for your little girl. This pink vanity desk is much attractive to the little girls. This can be a great choice as gift

Why we picked this:

This adorable table is an exemplary way to encourage little kids into creative activities. Your little girl will adore the idea of having her own beauty equipment to pretend to put on make-up, wearing her jewelry or brushing her long hair.

It contains a Fashion set which includes: 2 pearl bracelets, 1 pearl necklace, earrings, 4 rings, 2 perfume containers, 1 lipstick, 1 lip gloss, 1 comb, 2 hair clips and a working hairdryer. The built-in mirror also contains mirror lights that require 2 AA batteries. 

Pros & Cons: 
  • Fashion set
  • Real working Hair Dryer
  • Toy jewelry, cosmetics, and hair accessories
  • Mirror lights
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#9 Teamson Kids Gisele Toy Vanity Desk

This is another white vanity set in our list which contains a three-section mirror. This useful two-piece set contains a sink vanity and a stool with large gold polka dots and complementary gold trim which enhances the beauty of the whole set. 

Why we picked this:

The vanity table boasts a 3-angle mirror which is incredibly useful to style your hair, face and body at the same time. This table offers a spacious tabletop to organize jewelry and lip gloss, and a sliding drawer to tidily tuck small items away.

Pros & Cons: 
  • Three-section mirror
  • Pull-out center drawer with a knob
  • Rounded corners and scalloped legs
  • Step-by-step instruction
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#10 Fantasy Fields – Swan Lake Ballerina Wooden Vanity Table

This white vanity desk is a great addition to your little girl’s room as it is hand carved and designed with white & pink elements. The mirror has a unique hand-carved shape, and the stool matches the vanity perfectly.

Why we picked this:

It is hand-painted and hand-carved with bright white color and features elements of ballerina slippers and graceful swans on its surface.

If pulled out, one drawer in the center will reveal a space to hide small useful items such as hair bands, brush, makeup, nail polish and other fun accessories. The stool is sturdy and secure and holds up to 100 lbs.

Pros & Cons: 
  • *FREE Shipping*
  • Unique ballerina design
  • Real mirror & storage space
  • Child safety implementation
  • Durable wooden construction
  • Easy to assemble & clean



With that, we have come to the end of the hunt for the best vanity table for your little girl at the best price. Hopefully, this products list will provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision in finding the best vanity table for your children to grow up with.