Looking for a good vanity table under $200? It might sound like a far-fetched idea to you when you first hear it, but it is not that scarce actually. You would be surprised to learn how many great vanity tables you can find under $200. These tables are not only well-budgeted but also incredibly functional with their ever-growing practical usage.

If you are looking for a good vanity table under $200, then this article is specifically for you. From this article, you will learn about the various aspects of vanity tables under $200. So here are our top ten vanity tables under $200:


Best Vanity Table Under $200

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Top 10 Vanity Table Under 200 Dollar Review 2022


1. Giantex Vanity Set with Flip Top Mirror and Cushioned Stool

If you want to give yourself an elegant gift maybe we have something for you. This pristine and wonderful vanity table will surely be a great gift and will be a treat for your room. This stylish and smart designed furniture is an awesome blend of vanity table and a writing desk which also comes with a matched padded stool.


Why we picked this:

With this vanity table, you will not only have a vanity table but also a super functional storage organizer because it has a storage compartment and it’s divided into so many parts which will give you plenty of space for your beauty products and little stuff. It has a superb flip mirror design with it you can turn the vanity table into an ordinary office table effortlessly. This wood and MDF made table has solid legs to make sure enough weight support and the removable drawers which will help you to clean them easily.


Pros & Cons:
  • Flip mirror
  • Padded stool
  • Super functional storage organizers
  • Dual-use vanity table



2. SQUARE FURNITURE Wood Make-Up Vanity Table Set


If you are searching for something simple but tasteful, then your luck has favored you. Look at this exotic masterpiece. A masterpiece vanity table under 200$. Why not get one to fulfill the gorgeousness of your room?

Why we picked this:

This vanity table has an adjustable oval wooden frame with a mirror and 5 drawers to give you a lot of space to put your little things and beauty tools in a very organized and pretty way. The table comes with a comfy soft padded stool where you can do your make-ups very contentedly.


Pros & Cons:
  • 5 drawers
  • Mirror with oval wooden frame
  • Soft Padded table


3. CHARMAID Tri-Folding Mirror Vanity Set with Cushioned Stool and 4 Drawers

Holidays are coming and you want to gift your loved ones something amazing. This table of perfect beauty is a great option for you. This tri-folding vanity table has 4 drawers where you can easily put your beauty essentials in a very organized way. It also comes with a very comfortable spongy stool.


Why we picked this:

It has a large mirror in the middle and 2 small side mirrors with this you can do your make-ups in a better way. The astonishing design of this table makes it useful in a dual way. The mirror is foldable so when it’s not in use you can easily fold it to protect it from getting dust and stains. You can use it as a vanity table also as a writing table. A firm, stable, and durable table made of solid wood and MDF. The legs are completely made of solid wood so it can easily hold more weight.


Pros & Cons:
  • Tri-folding Mirror
  • Sufficient and Organized Storage Capacity
  • Comfortable Spongy Stool
  • 4 Drawers
  • Dual-use vanity table


4. Vanity Set with Tri-Folding Mirrors and 4 Drawers


This vanity table under 200$ is a pure black gem. The mesmerizing design and color will definitely soothe your eyes. This can be an ideal addition to your room as the tri-folding mirror lends a classic touch.


Why we picked this:

With that tri-folding mirror, you can have a full view of yourself and the mirrors are detachable so you can easily convert it from vanity table to a computer table. The table has 4 drawers which will help you to organize your various beauty products with ease and the silver color on the drawers’ handle makes the table’s appearance more attractive.

Pros & Cons:
  • Tri-Folding Mirrors
  • 4 Drawers
  • Easy to assemble
  • Detachable Mirror Part
  • Multi-functional storage


5. White Vanity Desk with Cushioned Stool Dressing Table

With stunning extravagance and astonishing magnificence, this vanity table makes certain to catch your eye from the start! Because of the exquisiteness, you will never believe this vanity table is under 200$! This is one of those unique tables that you will love to use because of its functionality.


Why we picked this:

Simple and elegant design with a removable mirror, crystal knob, and wooden legs, this marvelous piece of furniture gives a pleasing atmosphere and an excellent organizer for cosmetic good. It is made of E1 grade MDF and the cushioned stool legs are rubberwood that will hold a big 150kg of weight also offering you a nice comfy place. It will surely make you fall in love with your make-ups.


Pros & Cons:
  • E-1 grade MDF
  • 5 drawers
  • Removable organizer with 6 compartments
  • Removable mirror


6. Vanity Set with Mirror and Cushioned Stool

This vanity table is created in a very unique way. With such a straightforward yet rich plan, it will most likely illuminate your room and make your room look progressively alluring.


Why we picked this:

White tabletop paired with solid gold frame looks stylish and modern, as a simple and elegant vanity table is equipped with 6 large storage shelves and 2 wide drawers which offers you enough space so that you can storage your cosmetic, photos, decorations. The table has one large mirror to make sure you look beautiful from each angle.


Pros & Cons:
  • 2 drawers
  • 6 large storage shelves
  • Gold solid frame
  • Easy to assemble
  • Comfortable Cushioned stool


7. Vanity Table with Wooden Tri-Folding Mirror

This fashionable and stylish looking vanity set will surely catch anyone’s eye in the first place. If you are looking for a luxurious something then this piece of Obsidian is perfect for you. It can quickly and affordably refresh your space to suit your personal style and will most definitely bring out the joy from its user.


Why we picked this:

This magnificent vanity table has five drawers which are pretty spacious also 2 make-up brush holders, these can hold up all kinds of beauty essentials of yours. This table made of wood and MDF with a crispy black finish is very sturdy and durable. All the storage organizers are removable so it’s very easy for you to clean them.


Pros & Cons:
  • Tri-panel mirror
  • 5 drawers and 2 make-up brush holders
  • Large area underneath the table
  • Comfortable vanity stool



8. Mecor Vanity Table Set with 4 Drawer

This vanity table is one of a kind. The glazing white color of this table will remind of a bride in a white dress at the altar. You have to fall in the love with the style of this vanity table. It’s a brilliant deal for a vanity table under 200$.


Why we picked this:

The mirror of this table can be 360° spinning and can be adjusted to your preference so you can do your make-ups in a better way. The padded stool which comes with it ensures the maximum comfort when you’re doing makeup in front of the mirror. This Hardwood and MDF made table has 4 white attractive drawers and a large table surface to give you ample space to store all your important little things.


Pros & Cons:
  • Hardwood and MDF board
  • Detachable top part
  • 360o Oval Mirror
  • 4 drawers
  • Beautiful Design


9. Bonnlo Vanity Table Set with Mirror Bench

Constructed with solid wood & MDF board, this stunning vanity table will be a wonderful addition to your bedroom if you’re looking to spice things up. With the stylish round mirror and cushioned stool, this will be the perfect makeup station for you.


Why we picked this:

This easy to assemble vanity table has an elegant appearance and  it’s a perfect match for your other furniture. It has two pretty smooth sliding drawers where you can easily organize your beauty accessories. The mirror is removable which means it is a multi-purpose use table. By removing the mirror the table will transform into a laptop or writing table.


Pros & Cons:
  • Stylish Modern Design
  • 2 Large Drawers
  • Removable Round Mirror
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Solid wood and MDF Board



10. CHARMAID Vanity Set with Tri-Folding Mirror and Cushioned Stool

An elegantly and gorgeously designed vanity set is here to help you with putting on a delightful make-up. With the perfect size, color, and other specifications it is an absolute décor for your room.


Why we picked this:

A tri-folding mirror to aid you in viewing your face or hair from multiple angles and helps you to get the most natural application of make-up. A detachable top part always comes in handy. You can transform your dresser into a writing table easily whenever you want to. The table comes with a large drawer that can provide adequate storage space to place your different kinds of cosmetics and makeup tools.


Pros & Cons:
  • 180o Tri-Folding Mirror
  • A Large Drawer
  • Dual-Use Desk with Removable Upper Part
  • Exquisite Knob
  • Soft Padded multifunctional stool



With that, we have come to the end of the hunt for the best vanity table under $200! Hopefully, this list will provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision in finding the best vanity table under $200 for your décor.